martes, 7 de abril de 2015

Things you have to know about Spaniards!

Are you thinking about travelling to Spain? maybe you should read this... very useful for understand Spanish customs.

First... what about Tips?
Circulo de Bellas Artes - Madrid
Locals often tip even if modestly, it is considered polite and Spanish people are sticklers for manners and etiquette. 
Leaving the small change behind to round up to the nearest Euro is the most common. Maybe an extra Euro or 2 if the service was very good and added value.
In restaurants it is expected around 10%.

There are no added service charges on the final bill at most restaurants or bars, although some higher priced restaurants may add IVA( VAT) to the final bill. This should be clearly seen in the menu.
Don’t forget these service staff work hard for little money and any extra is always appreciated. (most of the patrons are also lower income turists, which everyone seems to forget)

Outside the restaurant business, some service providers, such as taxicab drivers, hairdressers and hotel personnel may expect tipping in an upscale setting.

Second...what about "Timetables"?
Schedules in Spain! Very difficult to understand for foreigners visiting the country.
If people in Europe usually have lunch at 13:00 and have dinner at 20:00 in Spain people have lunch at 14: 00/14: 30 and have dinner at 21: 30/22: 00.

There are also variations depending on the different geographical area: the south has always been late in their schedules, especially in summer.
The schedule of Public Administration and Banks is from 8:00 to 15:00. However
Not all Spaniards take a nap, private enterprise has schedules that extend late into the evening, so that significantly delays dinner time.

Third...what about "arriving late"?
In Spain and Latin America, it is expected that guests will arrive "late" to a social activity, especially in the evening, in some South American countries, such as Chile, it is al
most considered impolite to arrive on time, as your host will probably not be totally prepared for guests yet. If you arrive 15 minutes to a half an hour after the stated time, you are considered "on time". Late arrival is not considered rude or impolite.
This relaxed attitude does not extend to work or school attendance, however. For an interview, a job, or class attendance, arrive on time. When traveling by bus or plane in a foreign country, it's safer to arrive on time at the terminal just in case (even though you may have to wait for your transportation after all).

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Semana Santa in Spain! the big mistake of Mission Impossible II

Semana Santa or Holy Week in Spain! 

Holy Week

Spain is known for its Holy Week traditions or Semana Santa. The celebration of Holy Week regarding popular piety relays in the processions of the brotherhoods or fraternities. 
It is a very popular and traditional celebrations in the region of Andalusia, particularly in Málaga and Seville!

Days before Holy Week there is another traditional party, "the Fallas of Valencia". It is a totally different thing.
In this party, Each neighbourhood of Valencia works all year long producing a construction known as a "falla" which is eventually burnt. The construction is a satirical jab at anything or anyone who draws the attention of the critical eyes of the "falleros". The best construction gets saved and the others get burnt.

We can conclude that Fallas and Holy week are totally different!

However in Mission Impossible II (Tom Cruise Movie) everything was mixed...
The screenwriter put the Holy Week during Fallas time and mixed up each other...It is said in the movie that the Spanish people burnt the Saints...Moreover in these scenes appear people dressed like to be in San Fermines (running of bulls in Pamplona...)

Check the video! but it is in Spanish!!

The solution of that could be book the Spanish course in the Safari Spanish School

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Tips of Madrid (Part 4). The Safari Spanish rules

Hey Students!!!

Today I would like to talk about Chueca.

Chueca is an area between Gran Via and Tribunal. It is the gay neighborhood of Madrid. It is famous for the Big Parade organized every July.
Chueca is a prime example of a former run-down barrio that has became one of the cities coolest areas.

 Chueca’s initial transformation took place in the 70s, during Madrid’s “Movida.” Young Madrileños leapt out into free society after the death of Franco in extreme fashion. Chueca became an area distinguished by an abundance of drugs, crime and prostitution. That is until about 15 years ago when the gay population of the city adopted the neighborhood and transformed the infamous “barrio” into a trendy hotspot full of quirky and fabulous shops, restaurants, bars, and galleries. Recently, this area has become known not only  for the young, free-spirited people and businesses that populate it, but also for the highest real estate prices in the city. While gentrification certainly brings some negative effects such as cost of living, it is undeniable that this neighborhood has become a fantastic and essential area to explore on any trip to Madrid.

There are very nice places in the area that you must go in case you are in Madrid.
The school has a classroom in the heart of Chueca with a view of discovering the area while practicing the Spanish learned. 

Room Mate Rooftop
First, you should go to Calle Hortaleza. It is the border of the neighborhood. There you can find many good places to eat, to drink, to dance and to go shopping.
To begin with, I would like to talk about Areia. It is one of the best chill out of the city. Nice place for having a "mojito" and lie down in very confortable sofas! 
In the Vazquez de Mella Square there is RoomMate Oscar Hotel. 
The rooftop of this place is amazing. Usually, everyone can get up there after 19:30 pm. Nice view and good white wine (it is the cheapest drink and, from my point of view, the best)
El Tigre
Very close, in Calle Infantas you can find two of the best places for Free tapas. El "suspiro" and "el Tigre". You are going to freaking out! so many tapas for free....(be careful: there are some Tigres Bar, the best is that one in Infantas Street)

Hide places: 
The rooftop of Mercado de San Anton, there is bar/restaurant with very good atmosphere. A bit expensive but worth it!
"La Panza es lo primero". One of the best mexican restaurant in town.
Boogie night club. Calle Barquillo 29.Good funky music! 
If you want to going shopping, you have to go to Augusto Figueroa Street. 
Mercado de San Anton Rooftop

The Safari Spanish School organize a practical activities in the Food Market, in the bar and restaurants, and even in clothes shops.
Discover the city with us. Book the Safari Program and live an incredible experience. 
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Tips of Madrid (Part 3). Another Safari Spanish Experience

HI! today I would like to tell you more tips of Madrid!
In the last post we were giving good info about Tribunal neighborhood.
In conclusion on this point, I would like to suggest three more places that you should go.
First , in Malasaña Street, La Musa restaurant. Very cozy tapas bar! good food, magic atmosphere!
Casa Camacho 
Second, Casa Camacho, a dirty but incredible place in San Andres Street. it is typical a drink called "yayo". There are not tapas but it is the place if you want to see a traditional bar.
Third, Pepe botella bar in the "Plaza del 2 de Mayo", great place if you like Mojitos.

Pepe Botella
La Musa 
Now we would like to recommend places in "Triball" . Triball is the neighborhood between Tribunal and Gran Via. (

Cafe de la Luz
Many years ago, that places was a bit infamous! but with the new generations, new ideas and new talent the neighborhood changed! now it is considered like a trendsetter area! some call it, the Soho of Madrid!
Over there, you can find nice coffee shop like Cafe de la Luz, in Puebla Street, or great Shops like  Dolores Promesas, Deffort, Kling o Monkey Garden, Or great places for gigs!( Sala Barco)

el 13
As well as that, We would like to recommend, "el 13 bar", and little clubs like "El Perro de la puerta de atrás" (good place if you like indie music) and "Demode" (the most underground club of Madrid - electronic music and amazing sound system)

Finally, We would like to remind you that THE SAFARI SPANISH SCHOOL (Madrid) has a classroom in Triball.
Therefore, Imagine yourself doing a tour in this incredible neighborhood while learning and practicing Spanish.
The Safari Spanish School will show you the best places of Madrid,  and meanwhile you are going to learn a lot about the Spanish language and the Spanish culture

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Typical places in Madrid (part 2). Best Spanish lessons!

Hi there,

Today I 'd like to continue giving good info about Madrid and places where students have to do practical exercise with the best Spanish teachers in Madrid!

After a class in the heart of Tribunal, (the Safari Spanish School has an office in Calle San Joaquin) we move to "Plaza del Dos de Mayo". From la Plaza del Grial it is very easy to get Dos de Mayo.
Around you are going to find three of our favorite places of Tribunal Area.

First there is the restaurant "Ojalá", it is the only place in Madrid that you can find an authentic beach (yes, with real sand!!) in the down floor. Amazing!
In the opposite corner there is the best pizza (Argentinian Style) to take away.
This little area called Plaza Juan Pujol has an incredible atmosphere. It is wonderful to stop for while and feel the vibes of the area! worth it.

If you are looking for a real vintage Shop, you are in the right place. In  Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo there is the best shop of Madrid, "Retro Madrid". It is very easy to find good and original clothes.

Finally, there is a place called La Blanca Paloma in calle Espiritu Santo. In that place you are gonna receive many quality tapas for free. You only have to ask for a beer. You are going to freaking out!

Now imagine yourself, having a Spanish class, first in our classroom of Tribunal,  and then having  practical exercises in these places. 
We strongly believe that the cultural immersion is granted.

Don't hesitate, and book the Safari Spanish School. A great choice for knowing Madrid and Spanish culture with local teachers.

Are you ready for a new experience?

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Typical Places of Madrid. Best Spanish lessons!

Tips about Madrid!

Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain. The population of the city is almost 3.2 million and that of the Madrid metropolitan area, around 6.3 million. It is the third-largest city in the European Union, after London and Berlin, and its metropolitan area is the third-largest in the European Union after London and Paris.

Madrid has many Museos and other great cultural attraction. However I would like to talk about other  things of Madrid.

If you are thinking about "where can I learn Spanish...", Madrid is your destination.
Madrid maybe is less beautiful than Barcelona but I have to say that it is more authentic, more Spanish and definitely more FUN.

Madrid has a great airport, with very good connections by public transport. Actually the "Metro" (underground) is one of the best of the world. Cheap, clean and fast.

In the city centre there are many hostels and hotels with very good price. The atmosphere in the city centre is magic. Young people at any time and everywhere, good bars with cheap or free tapas and actually a feeling of freedom that you can not find at any place.

In this post I would like to talk about Tribunal.
It is considered like the Spanish "Camden town". The neighborhood starts at the Bilbao Square. It is a nice walk from there to Gran Via through Fuencarral Street.
First you should have a beer or a coffee at "La Petisqueira Bar" (C/Churruca, 4) . It is a bar that give typical food from Galicia (north of Spain). You don't have to ask for the food, is for free if you ask something to drink. Good and free food..what else?

Then you should go to "Plaza del Grial", one of our favorite places. Best atmosphere in Madrid. Trendy bars, pizzerias, and classical restaurant are mixed in total harmony.

A "must" around is the Bar Lozano. Old dive fashion bar, where you can taste great tapas with a cheap drink. Ask for a "mini". it is the name of "pint"in Madrid. (in other parts of Spain it has different name). In that place, if you ask of 25 Minis they give for free an entire "tortilla de Patata". We think it is almost impossible, but always it is a challenge for young and crazy Spanish people.

The Safari Spanish School starts their classes in the office in Callao, then students and teacher move to other strategic places of the city with a view of continuing the lessons and practicing in amazing places.

Close to the Lozano Bar, the school has a classroom. From there students will practice, how to order in a bar, buy clothe in a shop, ask for information, and many things more!

Still thinking about learning in a classic boring school?  no way! Book the Safari Course! a new way to learn Spanish in Madrid

In our next posts we will give more useful info about Madrid!