jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015

Tips of Madrid (Part 3). Another Safari Spanish Experience

HI! today I would like to tell you more tips of Madrid!
In the last post we were giving good info about Tribunal neighborhood.
In conclusion on this point, I would like to suggest three more places that you should go.
First , in Malasaña Street, La Musa restaurant. Very cozy tapas bar! good food, magic atmosphere!
Casa Camacho 
Second, Casa Camacho, a dirty but incredible place in San Andres Street. it is typical a drink called "yayo". There are not tapas but it is the place if you want to see a traditional bar.
Third, Pepe botella bar in the "Plaza del 2 de Mayo", great place if you like Mojitos.

Pepe Botella
La Musa 
Now we would like to recommend places in "Triball" . Triball is the neighborhood between Tribunal and Gran Via. (http://www.triballmadrid.com)

Cafe de la Luz
Many years ago, that places was a bit infamous! but with the new generations, new ideas and new talent the neighborhood changed! now it is considered like a trendsetter area! some call it, the Soho of Madrid!
Over there, you can find nice coffee shop like Cafe de la Luz, in Puebla Street, or great Shops like  Dolores Promesas, Deffort, Kling o Monkey Garden, Or great places for gigs!( Sala Barco)

el 13
As well as that, We would like to recommend, "el 13 bar", and little clubs like "El Perro de la puerta de atrás" (good place if you like indie music) and "Demode" (the most underground club of Madrid - electronic music and amazing sound system)

Finally, We would like to remind you that THE SAFARI SPANISH SCHOOL (Madrid) has a classroom in Triball.
Therefore, Imagine yourself doing a tour in this incredible neighborhood while learning and practicing Spanish.
The Safari Spanish School will show you the best places of Madrid,  and meanwhile you are going to learn a lot about the Spanish language and the Spanish culture

DON'T HESITATE AND BOOK YOUR COURSE: there are single day experience and week safari programs.
You are not gonna regret!! believe us!!

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