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Tips of Madrid (Part 4). The Safari Spanish rules

Hey Students!!!

Today I would like to talk about Chueca.

Chueca is an area between Gran Via and Tribunal. It is the gay neighborhood of Madrid. It is famous for the Big Parade organized every July.
Chueca is a prime example of a former run-down barrio that has became one of the cities coolest areas.

 Chueca’s initial transformation took place in the 70s, during Madrid’s “Movida.” Young Madrileños leapt out into free society after the death of Franco in extreme fashion. Chueca became an area distinguished by an abundance of drugs, crime and prostitution. That is until about 15 years ago when the gay population of the city adopted the neighborhood and transformed the infamous “barrio” into a trendy hotspot full of quirky and fabulous shops, restaurants, bars, and galleries. Recently, this area has become known not only  for the young, free-spirited people and businesses that populate it, but also for the highest real estate prices in the city. While gentrification certainly brings some negative effects such as cost of living, it is undeniable that this neighborhood has become a fantastic and essential area to explore on any trip to Madrid.

There are very nice places in the area that you must go in case you are in Madrid.
The school has a classroom in the heart of Chueca with a view of discovering the area while practicing the Spanish learned. 

Room Mate Rooftop
First, you should go to Calle Hortaleza. It is the border of the neighborhood. There you can find many good places to eat, to drink, to dance and to go shopping.
To begin with, I would like to talk about Areia. It is one of the best chill out of the city. Nice place for having a "mojito" and lie down in very confortable sofas! 
In the Vazquez de Mella Square there is RoomMate Oscar Hotel. 
The rooftop of this place is amazing. Usually, everyone can get up there after 19:30 pm. Nice view and good white wine (it is the cheapest drink and, from my point of view, the best)
El Tigre
Very close, in Calle Infantas you can find two of the best places for Free tapas. El "suspiro" and "el Tigre". You are going to freaking out! so many tapas for free....(be careful: there are some Tigres Bar, the best is that one in Infantas Street)

Hide places: 
The rooftop of Mercado de San Anton, there is bar/restaurant with very good atmosphere. A bit expensive but worth it!
"La Panza es lo primero". One of the best mexican restaurant in town.
Boogie night club. Calle Barquillo 29.Good funky music! 
If you want to going shopping, you have to go to Augusto Figueroa Street. 
Mercado de San Anton Rooftop

The Safari Spanish School organize a practical activities in the Food Market, in the bar and restaurants, and even in clothes shops.
Discover the city with us. Book the Safari Program and live an incredible experience. 
You are not going to regret! 

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