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Semana Santa in Spain! the big mistake of Mission Impossible II

Semana Santa or Holy Week in Spain! 

Holy Week

Spain is known for its Holy Week traditions or Semana Santa. The celebration of Holy Week regarding popular piety relays in the processions of the brotherhoods or fraternities. 
It is a very popular and traditional celebrations in the region of Andalusia, particularly in Málaga and Seville!

Days before Holy Week there is another traditional party, "the Fallas of Valencia". It is a totally different thing.
In this party, Each neighbourhood of Valencia works all year long producing a construction known as a "falla" which is eventually burnt. The construction is a satirical jab at anything or anyone who draws the attention of the critical eyes of the "falleros". The best construction gets saved and the others get burnt.

We can conclude that Fallas and Holy week are totally different!

However in Mission Impossible II (Tom Cruise Movie) everything was mixed...
The screenwriter put the Holy Week during Fallas time and mixed up each other...It is said in the movie that the Spanish people burnt the Saints...Moreover in these scenes appear people dressed like to be in San Fermines (running of bulls in Pamplona...)

Check the video! but it is in Spanish!!

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